Datto Agent Communication Errors

If you use Datto as your backup solution, at times you will run into agent communication errors. This is where the agent stops checking in with the Datto device. Following the steps below will allow you to resolve agent communication errors in most cases.

The first step to take is to simply repair the agent communication. Performing this task is as simple enough as navigating to the affected agent’s configuration in the Datto portal and clicking Repair Agent Communications. Once the repair process completes, check if the agent is now checking in.


Next, you can try restarting the Datto services running on the agent. Open services.msc on the affected agent and restart the following:

  • ShadowProtect Service
  • StorageCraft Raw Agent
  • StorageCraft Shadow Copy Provider (Windows 2000 Machines will not have this present, Windows 2000 pre-dates Shadow Copies)

Additionally, you should ensure that the necessary ports our open on the agent and firewall:

  • Windows is 25566
  • Linux is 25567.

There are also ports required for outbound connectivity on a Datto device:

  • 22 for SSH
  • 80 and 443, which are required to reach device.dattobackup.com.

Lastly, if all above fails, reboot the affected machine and/or the Datto device. Following these steps should allow you to restore communication with your agent.