LabTech Tip – Antivirus Dashboard Agent List not Loading Properly

LabTech Tip – Antivirus Dashboard Agent List not Loading Properly

When accessing the Antivirus Dashboard, at times you may notice only specific agents display. Further, at times no agents may display. This can be caused by the following issues:


    1. Ensure that filters are not enabled on the plugin. If you see the Filtered button, click it so it displays No Filter. Then delete the contents of the Search box and press Enter on your keyboard.

Antivirus Threat Retention Too Large

      1. If integration with any of LabTech’s 3rd Party solutions (ESET or VIPRE) is enabled, the antivirus threats table may be too large in size which may cause the plugin to stop working. In order to resolve this, adjust the retention period for these tables as follows:
        1. Open the System Dashboard > Config > Configurations > Properties.
        2. Depending on the solution used, find either the plugin_eset_disposethreat or plugin_vipre_disposethreat.

        1. By default, 30 days of information will be recorded in the antivirus threats table. Reduce this to 14 days by selecting the appropriate disposethreat line and typing 14 in the Value field as shown below:

      1. Click on the Force DBAgent to Reload Properties button or restart the LabTech database agent on the LabTech server. Allow 12 hours for the problem to self-resolve.
      2. If you have access to the LabTech server, you can run the following query from SQLyog to get quicker results: