Access Control Rights for Kaseya User Accounts

Access Control Rights for Kaseya User Accounts

If you want a Kaseya user to have limited access to the various tabs in Kaseya, permissions can be setup within the VSA. This option is useful if we have different team members in a company who need to work on different tasks like AV, Patch, and RMM. For example, the AV team would only have access to basic Kaseya tabs, along with the AV module. It is important to configure access rights in order to limit risk and hold accountability.

In order to grant access to users in Kaseya, select the System tab and then navigate to the User Security section. Select Users.

Now select the role under which you want the user to be assigned. Roles selected will have the option to view only those tabs for which access has been permitted to. In the above screenshot, two roles have been assigned to user Master and Techs. Masters, as the name suggests, has global permissions and can view the entire configuration. Techs is a custom role and to check what exact rights have been permitted, select the tab User Roles and then select the role to view the permissions.

As shown in above screenshot, the role Tech has access to the tabs in right hand column. You can make further modifications by selecting set role access rights option on the right hand side:

Following the steps above, you can ensure you have the right roles assigned as well as edit existing roles to include the appropriate access levels.