Upgrading Labtech RMM to Version 10.5

Before upgrading to LabTech 10.5, you need to follow the upgrade documentation provided by LabTech:


It is important to follow all of the instructions, as you should have a backup of your LabTech server as well as ensure the requirements are met. When you are ready to upgrade to LabTech 10.5, download and run the installer. Initially, the installer will check to ensure your systems meets the requirements.

If you see any red X’s, you will first need to install or upgrade those components. Click the Help link at the end of each item to be directed to LabTech documentation that will walk you through the installation.

**Note: If you are missing the MySQL connect, the 64-bit connector is required. The LabTech documentation points to the 32-bit version, but this will cause the prerequisite check to fail and the red X will remain.

Once you have everything installed, click the Check Prerequisites button and your window should look as below:

You are no ready to continue with the installation. Click Next. The installer will now run.

Upon completion, open the control center and log in. From here you should navigate to Tools > Solution Center in the menu bar. Updates will be available in the Solution Center but as always, you should only update what you need to. You are now updated to LabTech 10.5 and ready to take advantage of the new features.