What’s new in Labtech 10.5

What’s new in Labtech 10.5

LabTech 10.5 has been released, bringing many new features and improvements. The update brings over 250 bug fixes, as well as new monitors and scripts. We have outlined some of our favorite new features below.


The ScreenConnect plug-in has been updated to version 2. ScreenConnect now supports Mac agents and integrates with the LabTech Web Control Center, allowing MSP’s to give end users access to their machines.

LabTech User Permissions

LabTech 10.5 includes an updated User Class Manager, providing a single window to manage permissions.


LabTech Installer

With the new LabTech installer, a prerequisite check is performed. The check will stop an installation or upgrade if the perquisites have not been met, keeping an installation from continuing that would otherwise be unsuccessful.

Advanced Probe Configuration

When using the probe, you now have access to settings in the Probe Advanced Configuration window, allowing you to configure settings such as throttling for discovery and detection, port data collection, and overall resource usage.


As always, remember to backup your LabTech server before beginning an upgrade and to first read all of LabTech’s update documentation.