Thorough Disk Cleanup Script with Labtech

Thorough Disk Cleanup Script with Labtech

- Thorough Disk Cleanup Script with Labtech

LabTech offers powerful built-in scripts, but you can always do more. LabTech has a built-in script, Disk Cleanup, which will run “cleanmgr.exe” and clean/remove the following from Windows machines:

  • Active Setup Temp Folder
  • Content Indexer
  • Downloaded Program Files
  • Internet Cache Files
  • Memory Dump Files
  • Old ChkDsk Files

The Thorough Disk Cleanup script comes into play after running the built-in Disk Cleanup script. This script goes further by deleting from Windows machines:

  • All *.hdmp and *.dmp files
  • All temporary files and temporary internet files from all user profiles, logged in or not
  • All Windows temp files
  • Software Distribution downloaded files
  • Prefetch files

In the screenshot below, the Disk Cleanup script was run, followed by the Thorough Disk Cleanup Script. An impressive 3334 MB’s of space was gained by the Thorough Disk Cleanup script alone. This was after the LabTech provided Disk Cleanup script ran and removed everything it found.

By running the Disk Cleanup and Thorough Disk Cleanup scripts together, you can give your end users even more space back by removing unnecessary cached files. All this can be done seamlessly and automatically through LabTech!