Labtech Tips and Best Practices – October 2015

Labtech Tips and Best Practices – October 2015

While creating and applying templates in LabTech we can setup the priority for each template.

If a computer belongs to multiple groups, they could have multiple templates set for them. If this is the case, the templates are merged together and applied to the computer. For example, set all of the options but backup on the default template. Then, for each group create a new template and set the backup settings. Now, when the templates merge each computer has the default settings but the backup settings are different for each group.

If values are set in both templates (e.g., Windows Update settings) then the templates are applied in priority order 0-10 (with 0 being the highest priority).
For example, a server may appear in multiple groups (e.g., Service Plans-Windows Servers-Managed 24x7 and _System Automation-Windows Updates Patch Window Control-Windows Updates – Everyday). The ‘Windows Updates-Everyday’ template uses the Windows Updates Servers-Everyday template which has a priority of ‘8’. The ‘Managed 24x7’ template uses the Managed 24x7 template which has a priority of ‘7’.

In the following example, the template for ‘All Agents’ group (priority 10) would be applied first, then the ‘Windows Updates Servers- Everyday’ template (priority 8) and then finally the ‘Managed 24x7 template (priority 7). Please note that this is only an example to illustrate how templates are being applied.